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Dear Eldercare Colleague,

Welcome to the Greater New York Chapter of the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers. We appreciate your interest in and your support for our Mission to improve the Quality-of-Life for older adults. As a professional working with the geriatric population, you are well aware of the many factors involved in an elder's continuum of care and we welcome your active participation in our organization. Please check our site for meetings open to non-members and information that may be of interest to you. We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues in the field of Geriatrics to maintain the highest standards of quality in eldercare.

Sincerely yours,

Haley Glazer, President

P.S. If you are interested in attending or actively participating in our annual conference held every fall, please contact Haley Glazer.

Benefits of Membership

Professional Development: GCM keeps you abreast of the latest methodology, research, legislation, information and practice techniques in geriatric care management, helping you better serve your clients.

Legislation: GCM’s legislative efforts keep you informed of the changing national, state and local issues affecting you and your clients.

Marketing and Public Relations: Through GCM’s publicity efforts, you will learn about strategies to enhance your practice and promote the services you offer. National public relations activities seek to educate the public and media about the field of geriatric care management.

Membership Directory: This national listing of members is published on an annual basis and features individual professional profiles. It is distributed to members of the aging network and may be purchased by consumers – it is also the perfect networking tool for GCM members!

National Conference: GCM’s annual meeting, usually held in the fall, features nationally recognized speakers, informative workshops, exhibits, and networking opportunities.

GCM publications: Inside GCM and the GCM Journal – both published on a quarterly basis –provide valuable articles, updates, book reviews, ideas, and opportunities in geriatric care management. In addition, various brochures and products are available by contacting the GCM office.

GCM Consumer Directory: A national directory of more than 1,000 geriatric care managers, listed by state for easy reference.

Full membership in GCM is open to individuals only. The individuals may be members of a corporation, group, organization or partnership that is for-profit or not-for-profit in nature. There is a 20 percent discount if three or more members from the same corporate entity submit their applications and/or renewals at the same time.

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Pledge of Ethics For Members


I will provide ongoing service to you only after I have assessed your needs and you, or a person designated to act for you, understand and agree to a plan of service, the results that may be expected from it, and the cost of service.


I will base my plan of service on goals you, or a person designated to act for you, have defined, and which enhance the decisions you have made concerning your life.


My first duty is loyalty to you. I will always provide services based on your best interest, even if this conflicts with my interests or the interests of others.


I will end service to you only after reasonable notice. I will recommend a plan for you to continue to receive the services as needed.


I will not substitute my judgment for yours unless I am acting in the role of your guardian, appointed by a Court of Law, or with your approval, or the approval of someone designated to act for you.


I will hold in trust any confidence you give me, disclosing information to others only with your permission, or if I am compelled to do so by a belief that you will be seriously harmed by my silence, or if the laws of this State require me to do so.


I will refer you only to services and organizations I believe to be appropriate and of good quality. I will fully explain to you any business relationship I have with any service I propose, and give you information on alternatives, if at all possible, so that you, or a person designated to act for you, can make an informed decision to accept or reject the services I recommend to you.


I will strive to ensure cooperation between all of the individuals involved in providing service and care to you.


I am fully qualified in my profession to provide the services I undertake. I continue to improve my skills and knowledge by participating in professional development programs and maintaining certification and licensing in my profession.


I will not promote or sanction any form of discrimination.

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GCM Membership Criteria

The Association shall consist of individual persons who fulfill the membership requirements and are current in their membership dues. All members must comply with all relevant State and professional licensing and certification requirements. Membership Categories are limited to:

Care Manager

Includes those voting members currently practicing Care Management, or retired Care Managers. Members of this category must meet the following prerequisites:


A non-voting member who does not meet the criteria in the above sections (Article 4, section 1, subsections 1a and 1b), but has an interest in care management including: educators and researchers, practicing, degreed care managers not yet meeting the supervision criteria, non-degreed care managers, with a minimum of high school diploma, students, individuals not in direct practice of care management, but have any interest in the field (i.e. individuals representing home health agencies, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, elder law attorneys, etc.)

Rights and Duties

Subject to the other provisions of these bylaws, all members have equal rights and duties except that only members in the Care Manager categories shall have the right to vote and hold elected office.

All members shall subscribe to the purpose of the Association and shall maintain the standards of practice and code of ethics as set forth by the Association. Any changes or additions to the standards of practice and/or code of ethics must be approved by a majority of the members voting by written ballot.

No member shall have been convicted of, or have pled guilty or no contest to, a felony related to the professional activities of the member. Any member who is formally charged, through an indictment or similar process, with such a felony shall have their membership, and all rights and privileges thereof, automatically suspended pending resolution. A member formally charged as described above shall immediately notify the Association.

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